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Submitting photos to include in your high school’s yearbook

Note:  Submitting a photo in no way guarantees that the photo(s) you submit will appear in the final yearbook. All decisions as to which photos will or will not be used will be made by the students on the yearbook staff. The school’s publishing partner, yb-squared, has no input as to which photos will be selected for inclusion.

Standards and rules for submitting photos via email

1.  Include the event/activity/sport/subject area/topic for which the photo is being submitted in the subject line of           your email. Here are some examples:

        a. Marching Band

        b. Varsity Football

        c. English

        d. Specific topics that were solicited via social media (Baking, Exercise, Gardening, Board games, Jobs, etc.)


2.  Before submitting photos, please rename the photos by the name of the student(s) in the photo using the format:       last name, comma, first name, subject.

        a. Photos submitted that are not properly named may be rejected. We cannot use a photo if we cannot identify              the student(s) in the photo.

        b. If submitting multiple photos of the same student(s) for the same topic, name photos by the name(s) of the                student(s) as well as a unique number

        c. Examples:

                              i. “Anderson, Alex varsity football 1”

                              ii. “Anderson, Alex varsity football 2”

                              iii. “Gonzalez, Sylvia exercising”

3.  Always submit photos at the largest possible size/highest possible resolution.

4.  Preferred format is jpeg. Do not submit photos in camera raw format.

5. Tips to increase the likelihood that your photo will be selected for inclusion in the yearbook


        a. Make sure that faces are shown and the subjects are easily identifiable. Avoid shots where faces are in dark              shadow. (Tip: get close and turn on the flash, even in sunlight)

        b. Photos of students “doing something” will be prioritized over photos of students posing and looking at the                  camera.

        c. Include contact information for the student, preferably a cell phone number, in the body of the email so the                yearbook staff can contact the student for interviews. If there are two photos of similar content and quality, it              is likely that the photo submitted with contact information will be selected over the photo without that i                        information.

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