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"One of the things that stands out about yb-squared is the service that I get from our Yearbook Rep. It's not just a weekly visit, but rather an opportunity for my students to learn from our rep and gain something to make their pages better."

- Melissa Casady, 16+ Year Adviser

Great Oak High School, Temecula Ca



"Towards the end of my junior year, yb-squared noticed my hard work and asked me to join their team and paid me to edit other schools' pages. During my senior year, I continued to work for them and even received a very generous scholarship. I learned so much from them and gained real world experience I can apply to any situation. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them!" 


—  Cori Graham - Editor, Glendora High School




Is to provide Yearbook Advisers and students with mind-blowing service, cutting-edge technology, real-world training and premium-quality.

Mind-Blowing Service

For all of those with whom we are privileged to work with, it means doing everything we can think of to make not just their yearbooks better, but their lives, too.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We give our schools licenses for the entire Adobe Creative Suite, making it possible for students throughout the school to gain experience with cutting-edge software.

Real-World Training

Our highly-trained reps are ready to teach and train students on a weekly basis, making it possible for students to master the software even if their advisers are still learning the basics.


Our books truly look better! This is because we take the time to individually open and edit every candid photo. What seals the deal, however, is the quality provided by our partner, O’neil Printing.



With us your cover possibilities are endless.  We pride ourselves in making your creative vision a reality.  Our baseline cover for every high school includes a full-color, custom-designed cover with the school’s choice of one foil or spot UV coating which can be used on the front lid, spine and even on the back cover. We have no art fees of any kind, ensuring your school gets the cover they deserve.    

Custom Litho with Foil Cover
 Custom Full-color lithograph with Foil
Custom Litho with Matte Lamination and UV Coating
Plexiglass and other specialty covers
Material with Foil and Embossing or Debossing
Landscape books and books with unique dimensions




“Each year my students are given the skills that they need and are able to enhance the ones that they already have."

- Melissa Casady, Adviser: Great Oak High School

A new definition of “hands-on”

     For as long as any of us care to remember, a yearbook visits maybe once a month. He or she just pops in for an hour, asks, “How’s it going?” and then heads off to the next appointment.  We don’t do it that way.

     Our business model makes sure that our high schools see their reps every week.  At least.  And our appointments are designed to provide you with what you need.  Every rep who walks into a classroom comes prepared with a wealth of knowledge at his or her fingertips, ready to teach everything from a lesson on writing captions to a quick demonstration of how to cut out the background on a photo.

     We encourage our reps to schedule longer appointments, sometimes even visiting a school for two or three hours at a time, helping the students during the yearbook class and then staying into your planning period to answer the questions that just don’t get addressed when 30 students are all clamoring for your attention. We customize our visits to meet your needs, not ours.

Top-tier training

      Most of our reps were successful yearbook advisors.  All of them have been trained by Bret Barrett, our sales and marketing director, who was an award-winning yearbook advisor before he became a yearbook representative.

     For our reps who were not teachers, we have created a unique partnership with some of our prized advisors, who have agreed to take new reps under their wings.  In essence, we make our reps become student teachers who learn every aspect of production from an advisor who has mastered it.  Yes, it is more expensive to train reps this way.  But if you think about it, shouldn’t the person helping you do your yearbook have worked on creating one before? We wouldn’t have it any other way.




       We have been unbelievably blessed. Our desire is to share those blessings with others. One way that we do this is by donating money to charity based on our schools meeting their deadlines. Through this program, we have donated to a wide variety of charities, often at the specific behest of one of our schools. Now, we are going to focus our giving in a specific direction.

In the five-months from November 2017 through April 2018, Miriam was diagnosed with colon cancer, one of her dearest friends was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer and then one of our advisers was diagnosed with breast cancer.

While we were fortunate that Miriam’s disease was diagnosed early and we are blessed to say that her future looks bright, having experienced first-hand the devastating effects of cancer, we feel compelled to do something. We began researching cancer charities, looking for one that made the most efficient use of the donations it receives and also resonates with our mission as a company.

We focus on helping students collect and share memories. Sadly, because of cancer, there are some children who never get to create, much less treasure, the memories that so many of us take for granted.  Because we believe that every child deserves to create a life-time’s worth of precious memories, we have chosen to direct our future giving to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.

If you would like more information about this wonderful organization, you can visit their website at www.pcef-kids.orgCLICK HERE to see what the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation is saying about yb-squared.

Gratefully yours,

Bret and Miriam Barrett


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*Meet with us and we'll donate $250 to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation




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